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The Approach

An important factor in the learning process is for your overall wellness. Wellness means taking care of your emotional, physical, and spiritual self. If you feel good emotionally, physically and spiritually, then it is easier to learn new ways of being. The stress of life is more easily managed if you maintain balance in your life. These components are all integrated and influence each other.  Many times it is difficult to control the events in your world, but you can control your response.

My Story

Life is not good or bad its what we make it. My divorce doesn't have to mean the end it can mean the beginning.  The greatest moment in life happens after the lowest moments as life happens in cycles. You need downs to understand highs. As I've experienced life having this knowledge has allowed for an easier weathering of my low moments and better direction to ride my highs. Life has been such a blessing for me, I want to help others understand their blessing we call life.

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